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Find us at Port Marine, Unit 2 Harbourmead, Harbour Road, BS20 7AY

Established in 2012

Try4Fun is a family run business that has made its mark over the years...


Seen a very rewarding Charity Abseiling Event where a group of friends decided to go on the rocks and raised an impressive £1,508.20 for St Peters Hospice in memory of their friend Paul Bond.


We created a Rent A Tent & Camping Accessories to offer affordable camping solutions to you, the individual who wanted to go backpacking or the family that just wanted to try camping as a holiday.

Due to the popularity of this service, KCcamping was born and so was our first child

In October we a did an event called the Portisheads Haunted Campsite for Halloween which was a lot of fun as we created the games ourselves and made it cheap for families to attend and take part. The first batch of tickets sold out within  days, where we planned for 100, we ended up printing 999 and completely sold out. We do plan on doing it again :P


Restoring a Military Land Rover series 3 was a fun distraction from seriousness for a year and we named it Crush! Yes Crush! Not as manly as it sounds when you know it was named after the daddy turtle from Finding Nemo because that was what our son was really into at the time! ;) Then came along our second son….


Having had so much fun the previous year restoring Crush and whilst having two sons and one landrover it just seemed to make complete sense getting another military landrover, restoring it and naming it Squirt- see complete sense! now they have one each and they’re pretty much the same so no arguments!


Adding to the new Try4Fun Fleet a Sankey Trailer (a trailer made for military landrovers) which we named Dude…. Because what do Crush & Squirt say in finding nemo? XD

Just for fun we also got a quad bike which was so tiny to the rest of the fleet we lovingly named it Dinky


Just seen the Launch of Horse & Hog…. A horsebox we converted into a bar and purchasing a hog roast machine that is fit for service at all times and available to hire for events such as weddings, community events etc

What will 2019 bring?!